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An authentic and passionate pizza restaurant

We are the Nordic Pizza Company – a pizza restaurant founded by two Finns and a New Zealander in the heart of Turku. Our restaurant combines a passion for pizza with a burning desire to serve our customers in a sincere and friendly manner. Our goal is to create a holistic experience that tastes good and lasts for a long time.

You can book a table with us or stop by to enjoy yourselves without a reservation. If the tables are full, you can enjoy tasty and quality cocktails from our bar while you wait. Have you ever tasted the perfect cocktail for your pizza?

The heart of our restaurant is an authentic Italian stone oven which is just a few metres from the tables. You can follow the preparation of your pizza from start to finish.

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Nordic Pizza Company

A combination of Italy and the Nordic countries

The heart and roots of our pizzas are in Naples, the birthplace of this classic food. However, we cannot, nor do we even wish to, escape the Nordic influence. We call ourselves the New Neapolitan Style pizza restaurant.

Everything is based on a crust consisting of high quality ingredients and slow-rising dough. All of our ingredients come from local producers and from the home of pizza, Italy.

Our pizzas are made by hand from start to finish. For us, making pizzas is not assembly line production. Every pizza delivered to our customers is made with genuine passion. We have an endless desire to improve our products so that one day we can proudly say we have made the perfect pizza.

Or have we already succeeded?
Welcome to Eerikinkatu to find out!

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Nordic Pizza Company